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PTE Academic Preparation Classes

PTE Academic Preparation Classes

A computer-based test, PTE Academic English Language test is aimed at measuring your English language proficiency level across the four core skills – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Unlike IELTS, the PTE-A often tests two skills together such as listening and reading or reading and speaking.

For migration purpose, scoring 79 in each skill set in the PTE-A test guarantees 20 points. This is the maximum number of points you can claim from the English language skills component which can drastically increase your score in the points-based-system General Skilled Migration program.

Practice’ is the key to success when taking the PTE – A test. As the test format is different from IELTS, it is crucial for you to understand the structure of the test and learn how to achieve the highest possible score the first time. To help you achieve your goals, we have partnered with various providers who deliver highly effective PTE-A preparation classes.

The classes are tailored to suit your needs and you will learn specific strategies to boost your score. Based on your requirements, you can choose to complete the course in either two weeks, four weeks or enrol for unlimited classes if needed.

More aspiring candidates are choosing to take the PTE-A preparation classes through us and have generated successful results in a lesser time frame. Contact our experienced consultants to enrol in one of the best preparation classes.